There’s Fun in the Frenzy

Enduring the collapse of civilization, as a prospective future, sounds brutal and torturous.

But reading about it?

Absolutely delightful.

Why do we enjoy reading about the most dire circumstances, often giddy at the presentation of violent, vicious storylines? In my opinion, there’s a component of the makeup of humanity that desires destruction and chaos. Consider the dynamic between Id and Superego, if we are to indulge Freud for a moment. The pressures exerted upon the lusting character of Id are bound, in time, to produce a disdain for the world the superego has built. Via fiction, we may feed the desire that grows out of that disdain, for the obliteration of structure and the release of unfettered anarchy. It’s why our apocalyptic fantasies are also so violent, a mode of expression the Id desires but is suppressed from acting on.

I don’t really go in for Freud, but I use the framework of Id and Ego and Superego to illustrate a point about the deep seated fetishistic want to destroy and see destruction.

As I see it, there’s a primal urge, funneled through the more complex human intellect, that arrives at such a fantasy. There’s a piece of human nature which is not social, and is visceral, and is fed by the imagery fiction creates.