New Titles

Alright, I know I’ve said it before and not delivered, but I do have new work coming soon. To be more specific, there are three things I will be delivering soon. Two of which are Zevolution works, a short story and the next in the series, Rebel. The third is a new story, a piece about the apocalypse as it happens (unrelated to Zevolution). It’s a stark rendering of a world consuming itself, and a young man at the center of a journey that has him questioning the value of humanity. This new book is called Blackout Survival and I’m showing off the cover below. I’m very excited to be writing this new adventure, as I think it pares down a bit of my bigger storytelling tendencies to a smaller story, but more action and a much closer perspective. I should have it out later this summer, all things according to plan.

eBook cover - BLACKOUT SURVIVAL - Adrien Walker.jpg