New Series, Berserker One

Well, dear readers, I can’t help myself. With myriad other projects crowding the plate, I go and choose to include another meal entirely.

I’ve returned to space, where previously I had placed the story of Living Flesh, in which humanity’s last bastion of a space station refuge was quietly descending towards its, and our, demise.

This go around, we travel deeper and broader, exploring a scifi future for the human race in which we have coalesced a multi-solar empire that, by and large, retains peace and stability. That is, of course, until humanity encounters something wholly foreign.

Berserker One is a ship with a contentious relationship to the Fleet that run the galaxy, as it acts more as a merc vessel than any within the ranks. Its captain, the idiosyncratic and wiseass Gil Graves, along with his plucky crew of misfits, run missions otherwise unbecoming of the official Fleet. During one such mission, stealing fuel cells from pirates of the asteroid belt, they encounter an ancient cargo ship with nothing but four people aboard – who know nothing but their names. The strange behavior of these newcomers only gets weirder when they’re brought back to Command Center floating just over the capital of the Interplanetary United Republic.

When chaos breaks out, and the interconnected ships of the Fleet go dark, it’s up to the unconventionally constructed Berserker One to save the IURF by facing off against an enemy humanity has never seen.

Berserker One: Fallen Fleet is the first in a new series chronicling the adventures of Gil Graves and his lieutenants as they traverse the galaxy completing risky missions on behalf of the Republic that shames them. Coming this week!