Foreign To Any God

FtaG cover

Here is a short story collection exploring the relationship of Human to its environment, and to one another, exploring the universe as a haphazard arrangement.

The collection’s perspectives range from viewing this arrangement as something beautiful and hideous, but always with Human at the center, seeking either comprehension or shelter while its powerful forces of chaos influence us.

From a young man who seeks truth through a camera lens in Stills of Pretty Things, to a battered old soul seeking refuge from violence in The Old Man in the Woods, these characters encounter the harshest edge of experience, and struggle with, against, or for its truth.

In To Pieces we witness the deconstruction of a man to something mangled and grotesque, and in The Foreigners we witness the empowerment in the collective spirit of humanity as a community.

At once strong and vulnerable, these stories seek to show us both as we are and as we see ourselves: that which makes us Human.

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