First Generation

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If you’ve landed here, it’s probably because you’ve completed the short story First Generation, featuring the transformation of Gabriel Benson into the first commander of the Green Hand rebellion. If you enjoyed that story, and find yourself curious about what’s going on around it (What is Diamond City? Who is this Green Skull guy? What’s up with that creepy doctor? So, they’re half zombies? That’s crazy!) I encourage you to dive into the first book of the Zevolution series, Zombie Awakening. You can also sign up for my newsletter to get freebies, new release notifications, and other bonuses.

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Chronicling the story of the final human city as it struggles in a blackened landscape occupied by Horde, Zombie Awakening introduces you to characters within the city and its political structure, Scouts traversing the dangerous terrain outside the city, and of course Green Hand rebels mysteriously plotting in the underground network of tunnels beneath Diamond City. The world is on the brink of warfare to determine the new dominant race, and humans, zombies, and those in-between will face off for control.

After you read Zombie Awakening, the series continues in The Green City, and there is a short prequel story Black Dawn. The third full book in the series, Rebel, will be out later this year.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the post-apocalyptic zombie epic of Zevolution.

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