New Series, Berserker One

Well, dear readers, I can’t help myself. With myriad other projects crowding the plate, I go and choose to include another meal entirely.

I’ve returned to space, where previously I had placed the story of Living Flesh, in which humanity’s last bastion of a space station refuge was quietly descending towards its, and our, demise.

This go around, we travel deeper and broader, exploring a scifi future for the human race in which we have coalesced a multi-solar empire that, by and large, retains peace and stability. That is, of course, until humanity encounters something wholly foreign.

Berserker One is a ship with a contentious relationship to the Fleet that run the galaxy, as it acts more as a merc vessel than any within the ranks. Its captain, the idiosyncratic and wiseass Gil Graves, along with his plucky crew of misfits, run missions otherwise unbecoming of the official Fleet. During one such mission, stealing fuel cells from pirates of the asteroid belt, they encounter an ancient cargo ship with nothing but four people aboard – who know nothing but their names. The strange behavior of these newcomers only gets weirder when they’re brought back to Command Center floating just over the capital of the Interplanetary United Republic.

When chaos breaks out, and the interconnected ships of the Fleet go dark, it’s up to the unconventionally constructed Berserker One to save the IURF by facing off against an enemy humanity has never seen.

Berserker One: Fallen Fleet is the first in a new series chronicling the adventures of Gil Graves and his lieutenants as they traverse the galaxy completing risky missions on behalf of the Republic that shames them. Coming this week!


New Titles

Alright, I know I’ve said it before and not delivered, but I do have new work coming soon. To be more specific, there are three things I will be delivering soon. Two of which are Zevolution works, a short story and the next in the series, Rebel. The third is a new story, a piece about the apocalypse as it happens (unrelated to Zevolution). It’s a stark rendering of a world consuming itself, and a young man at the center of a journey that has him questioning the value of humanity. This new book is called Blackout Survival and I’m showing off the cover below. I’m very excited to be writing this new adventure, as I think it pares down a bit of my bigger storytelling tendencies to a smaller story, but more action and a much closer perspective. I should have it out later this summer, all things according to plan.

eBook cover - BLACKOUT SURVIVAL - Adrien Walker.jpg

There’s Fun in the Frenzy

Enduring the collapse of civilization, as a prospective future, sounds brutal and torturous.

But reading about it?

Absolutely delightful.

Why do we enjoy reading about the most dire circumstances, often giddy at the presentation of violent, vicious storylines? In my opinion, there’s a component of the makeup of humanity that desires destruction and chaos. Consider the dynamic between Id and Superego, if we are to indulge Freud for a moment. The pressures exerted upon the lusting character of Id are bound, in time, to produce a disdain for the world the superego has built. Via fiction, we may feed the desire that grows out of that disdain, for the obliteration of structure and the release of unfettered anarchy. It’s why our apocalyptic fantasies are also so violent, a mode of expression the Id desires but is suppressed from acting on.

I don’t really go in for Freud, but I use the framework of Id and Ego and Superego to illustrate a point about the deep seated fetishistic want to destroy and see destruction.

As I see it, there’s a primal urge, funneled through the more complex human intellect, that arrives at such a fantasy. There’s a piece of human nature which is not social, and is visceral, and is fed by the imagery fiction creates.

New Words, Dear Readers

2016 came and went, and like the year was for so many others, it passed in a whirlwind.

So here we are, perched on the edge of February of 2017 and the valley below is wrought with barren wastelands…perfect.

This year, I hope to return to the charred landscape of my Zevolution series, as well as release a full novel (details to be trickled in the coming weeks).

This is merely a short update to say,

I’m back.

See you around.


See you next year…

Hiatus is such a lovely word for a thing less so. My writing is on hold presently, for better or worse, as I reconfigure life in a manner more suiting for my passion of storytelling. That being said, work is under way on what will be the third entry to my epic zombie series, Zevolution. It’s titled Rebel, and the cover reveal is below.

Have a pleasant fall, and I’ll see you all when the clock turns 2016.

Rebel jpg

Writing Progress and Next Release Scheduled

The Green City

UPDATE: The Green City is now available on Amazon Kindle!

Very excited to announce the release of the second book in the Zevolution series, The Green City, will be out on Amazon Kindle next week!

I’m completing it presently, and it takes the series to another level. Readers will discover the secrets of the virus that swept the globe, and learn what’s in store for Diamond City is more than just drought. The city is on the brink of collapse, rebels and dissenters threaten to tear it apart, while the Horde knocking at the door threaten to tear its citizens apart.

Stay tuned for the official date of release! If you’re new to the Zevolution Series, there will be a free promotion May 1 – 3 on the first novel, Zombie Awakening, in conjunction with the new release.

Everything is connected, but….

Everything is connected, but not everything is the same. This imbalance allows for the universe to exist in a state capable of producing, for to produce is to separate and combine elements. Convergence, and things like “collective consciousness” or thoughts of some spiritual soul pool, are inherently in opposition to the individuality at play because of their definitive favoring of pure balance, of disallowing borders and insisting on diffusion. The inferred extrapolation of this ideal would see the universe as a flat terrain void of experience, for it would all have been ground together in a gray, thoughtless blanket. Want and desire are the drives that seek production, combination, and propulsion of experience. Their byproducts of grief and longing are merely signs of the will’s proper working state, for let us not forget the positive byproducts of gain and accomplishment.